Antibody generation


Monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies are extensively used as diagnostic agent, in therapeutic or R&D; however, there is an increasing demand for novel, high-quality antibodies.
Adjuvatis offers a new class of adjuvant for the production of polyclonal / monoclonal antibodies with high affinity. Based on an eco-friendly process of synthesis, the i-Particles® are entirely degradable by natural pathway of the animal body. Lastly, this technology offers a Lego approach, which will permit to optimize the design of multivalent vaccine.


Benfits of formulations based on i-Particles technology

• High safety profile
• Customized formulations
• No degradation of the antigenic properties during the process of formulation
• Improves antigen stability
• Suitable for “difficult” antigens
• Proteins and glycoproteins
• Sensitive polypeptidic molecules
• Synthetic peptides and small peptides
• Reduced toxicity of toxins (Integrin, snake toxins, etc.)
• Haptens, sugars, allergens (ongoing)
• High reproducibility


Process overview

Adjuvatis provides its customers with ready-to-use formulations in a suitable buffer.




Intense systemic humoral immune response after 3 sub-cutaneous injections with 10 µg of p24 protein from HIV formulated with i-Particles Classic, Advanced or with Alum


R&D – Pharmaceutical development services

10-years expertise in formulating and analyzing particles
From bench to clinic
Single resource and integrative management to meet your pharmaceutical development needs

  • Supporting services
  • Method of development and validation
  • Stability and raw material testing


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