i-Particles® Technology



Adjuvatis develops and manufactures biodegradable particles used as drug-delivery vectors.


Uniquely those eco-compatible i-Particles® are fully metabolizable and produced without any surfactant or stabilizers:

  • Biodegradable particles
  • NO residual solvent
  • NO surfactant or stabilizer
  • Size customizable from 150 nm to 300 nm
  • Highly homogeneous particles size
  • High batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • Negatively charged particles
  • Surface adsorption of various biomolecules (proteins, peptides, sugars, haptens) onto i-Particles (formulation)
  • Encapsulation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient



  • i-Particles are manufactured using a biocompatible and biodegradable polymer.
  • i-Particles synthesis uses a fully eco-friendly process.
  • This manufacturing process is accuratereproducible and scalable.
  • It generates highly homogeneous particles in size, shape and charge. The i-Particles are negatively charged and display a narrow size distribution.
Note that the i-Particles are more than 100 nm in diameter and are thus exempted from October 2011 limitations and European regulations specific to nanoparticles.


Formulation of biomolecule with i-Particles®

The second step of the process is characterized by the physical biomolecule adsorption onto the particles’ surface. The formulated i-Particles keep a stable colloidal shape with a size range suitable for injections/adminisrations.
As of today, more than twenty proteins or peptides originating from infectious agents have already been successfully formulated using i-Particles.

Adjuvatis provides its customers with ready-to-use formulations in a suitable buffer.


Benefits of i-Particles® technology

  • Significant drug stabilization and half-life improvement
  • Dose-effect: lowering the antigen amount from 10 to 100 times
  • Multiple routes of administration: sub-cutaneous, intra-veinous, dermal, oral (sub-lingual and enteral), urogenital, nasal, etc.
  • Excellent safety profile
  • High homogeneity and reproducibility


Available ready-to-use kits

Adjuvatis proposes three offers:

Adjuvatis-Classic Classic: standard drug formulation on standard i-Particles

Adjuvatis-Advanced Advanced: optimized drug formulation standard i-Particles

Adjuvatis-Customised Customized: optimized drug formulation on tailor-made particles