Vaccine adjuvant


The i-Particles® are used as a biocompatible and biodegradable delivery vector in vaccine products, increasing the vaccine antigenic power and improving the pharmaceutical vaccine stability containing antigens. i-Particles® are able to stimulate immunity to cell mediated and humoral responses.
Based on an eco-friendly process of synthesis, the i-Particles® are entirely degradable by natural pathways of the human body.



Needs: Safety
Adjuvatis answer: Biodegradability
Needs: Durability of the raw material
Adjuvatis answer: The polymer is approved by the FDA and widely used in pharmaceutical industry
Needs: Reducing the costs
Adjuvatis answer: Relevance of the concept and platform assembly subunit vaccines
Needs: Precise targeting of vaccination coverage by age / pathology
Adjuvatis answer: Formulations tailor-made

Long-lasting intense humoral immune response after sub-cutaneous immunization with gp140 protein from HIV

Available ready-to-use kits

Adjuvatis proposes three offers:
Adjuvatis-ClassicClassic: standard drug formulation on standard i-Particles

Adjuvatis-AdvancedAdvanced: optimized drug formulation standard i-Particles

Adjuvatis-CustomisedCustomized: optimized drug formulation on tailor-made particles


R&D – Pharmaceutical development services

10-years expertise in formulating and analyzing particles
From bench to clinic
Single resource and integrative management to meet your pharmaceutical development needs

  • Supporting services
  • Method development and validation
  • Stability and raw material testing

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