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i-Particles® Technology

  Adjuvatis develops and manufactures biodegradable particles used as drug-delivery vectors.   Uniquely those eco-compatible i-Particles® are fully metabolizable and produced without any surfactant or stabilizers: Biodegradable particles NO residual solvent NO surfactant or stabilizer Size customizable from 150 nm to 300 nm Highly homogeneous particles size High batch-to-batch reproducibility Negatively charged particles Surface adsorption […]


Antibody generation

Monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies are extensively used as diagnostic agent, in therapeutic or R&D; however, there is an increasing demand for novel, high-quality antibodies. Adjuvatis offers a new class of adjuvant for the production of polyclonal / monoclonal antibodies with high affinity. Based on an eco-friendly process of synthesis, the i-Particles® are entirely degradable by […]

Adjuvatis RVB

Our Partners

Developing new partnerships is a key strategy for Adjuvatis. We bring scientific excellence in the fields of vaccine adjuvants, antibodies and drug delivery systems. Strengthening our panel of technologies and solutions, and developing our manufacturing capabilities are our key partnering drivers. To explore licensing opportunities, collaborative researches, or commercial partnerships, don’t hesitate to contact us […]


Our Mission

Founded in December 2013, Adjuvatis is specialized in the development, manufacturing and formulation of biodegradable particles, called i-Particles®. Developed by Dr Bernard Verrier and his CNRS team at the Institute of Biology and Chemistry Proteins (www.ibcp.fr ) this innovative technology has multiple applications. Our company’s key objective is to share the i-Particles® platform and help biopharmaceutical & diagnostic companies […]


Delivery platform

More than thirty active ingredients have already been formulated and an algorithm has been designed to rapidly identify the physicochemical formulation conditions. Once optimized, the formulations are controlled for long storage stability; the specifications can be variable depending on the use, for one week up to one year. This formulation offers a protection of the […]



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